Legal Notices


Madison Bicycle Parts (MBP®) ensures that our valued distributors, retailers and most importantly our loyal customers deal with and receive only the best quality product. We do this by combining our unique design philosophy with our commitment to protecting the integrity of our branding and design by securing registered trademarks, designs and patents in Europe and throughout the world.

MBP® is a market leader in designing innovative and stylish products for the fashion conscious cyclist. Our range of bike accessories includes bags, gloves, locks, apparel, leather goods, lights and bike tools. Many of our products stand out from the crowd and are unique in shape and design. We love our products and we think that you do too. Some products (like our Frog light) have won several industry awards and accolades in Australia, Europe and elsewhere in the world for their very marketable designs. Rest assured, when you buy a MBP® product, you are getting an original work of art, not something cheap and nasty.

This is why we go to the trouble to protect the creative effort that goes into each and every one of our products, through patent, trade mark, and design protection. Our patents protect the innovation and inventiveness that go into our products. Our designs protect the unique appearance of our products. Our trademarks help you to identify the real MBP® products from the knock-offs.

Of course, a lot of our material is also protected by international copyright laws. So if you want to copy, reproduce, communicate, broadcast or otherwise use anything on this website, be it some text, a picture, a movie, programming code, database, artwork, layout, design or font, we’d very much appreciate you getting our permission in writing first.